Washington University in St. Louis  

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Second Major in Electrical Engineering

Minor in Linguistics & Robotics

Expected Graduation: May 2022

Cumulative GPA: 4.00/4.00

Productive Scholarship in Engineering Program




ESE 105 Introduction to Electrical and Systems Engineering

CSE 132 Arduino C Programming

ESE 230 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits

CSE 231S Parallel Programming

CSE 247 Data Structures and Algorithms

CSE 332S Object-Oriented Software Development

CSE 417T Theories of Machine Learning

CSE 425S Programming Languages and Systems

CSE 427S Cloud Computing with Big Data Applications

CSE 437S Software Engineering Workshop

CSE 438S Mobile Application Development

CSE 511A Artificial Intelligence

From Coursera 

UMichigan: Introduction to Data Science in Python

Coursera: Deep Learning (Ongoing)